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"Whoever has my commandments and observes them, is the one who loves me.


We were pilgrims travelling past each other. Experience was walking the shorter path, selfishness and self-centeredness were taking the longer route. She loved me more than I loved her and more than I loved myself.

Always there for me with open arms, memories have me loving her more and longing for that one phone call, the advice given, time spent laughing and of course, now, with deep gratitude for all that she did.

She was a very caring mother who shared with me her faith and love for God. Her spirit is present with me always. Looking back, I did not realize that I was experiencing, at but a glimpse, how much God loves me.

God is love. If God is love and we are from God then how great is this love in us. We are to share with others, realizing that "thank you's" might never be heard, a smile might never be returned, and we might find ourselves without consolation.

How did God love us? Look at the Cross, see Him in the tabernacle. Did He not lay down His life for His friends? Imagine Jesus at the Last Supper. In front of Him were those who would betray Him. Judas would kiss Him and turn Him over to the soldiers. Peter would deny Him three times. The rest of the disciples would run away. Only John stood with Him and His Mother. Yet, He still called them all friends.

Jesus calls us friends. He knows us, loves us in spite of our sinfulness. Our mothers are beautiful gifts from God. They are the bridges between God and us.

And the best gift we can give them is to say, "I love you". "Thank you". "I promise to obey you always". "To respect you". "To take care of you when you are unable".

God daily says to us, "Do you know how much I love you?" What a beautiful gift from God, His perfect love. And may we, too, say to our mothers how much we love them, for the many times we forgot to say it.

God Bless You


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