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"How can this be......"


"How can this be......"

This Lent I wanted to grow closer to God, surrendering myself to His Will, finding Him in His Silence. Through purity of intention of my thoughts, words and deeds I wanted to please God --accepting and doing His Will. It was easy on paper, in thought and desire but very hard to implement.

The youngest of my grandkids developed acute gastroenteritis while on vacation. His parents made sure he kept up with his fluids. On the second day he developed fever and went to the emergency room. Great, all his electrolytes were normal but he was febrile, dehydrated and lethargic . He was hospitalized for intravenous fluids.

When I heard of his illness, my reaction was unlike Mary's response of "How can this be, since I have no relations with a man?" Mine was "How can this be, why would God allow this to happen?"

Mary's response was practical. My response was doubting and questioning.

Mary's response was full abandonment and surrender, mine was not wanting to give up control.

All that happens has a purpose. The child is well, God answered our prayers of healing but He likewise is helping me follow my Lenten resolution. He is teaching me by showing me my faults and weaknesses.

God's plan is always better than ours. His Will is to be obeyed, though we might not understand it. Help us to

hear your will, Lord, and to follow you without complaints.

God Bless You


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