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Saint Rose of Lima "Beautiful like a rose"

nee Isabel Flores de Olivia


Patron saint of gardeners, florists, embroiderers, those who sew lace and those who struggle with vanity.


" 'You too go into my vineyard,

and I will give you what is just."


God calls us all to work in His vineyard. Some get the calling in their youth, others at middle age and yet others closer to the end of their days. God knows us, knows our different upbringings, circumstances and vocations. The door is always open, we just need to answer the call.

Whenever we answer the call, we are all promised the "denarius" -that eternal glory in the life of God as our pay. And what do we do at the vineyard? Actually anything God asks us to do leads us to the reward of an eternity with Him.

Many ask, how can this be that He sees me as a valuable worker? I don't see myself capable or adequate to work for Him, but we all can as we share our hope and love for God by our deeds and prayers.

What can we do? Share our faith, encourage people to go to confession, invite them to join our prayer groups, volunteer for formal teaching and catechizing of the Catholic faith, serve the needy and the homeless. Pray for one another. But most important of all, teach by how we behave and act. Do not scandalize. One time I heard a loved one say, " That person professes to be a good christian, yet what they did was fraudulent." Remember what is inside us will eventually be out there for all to see. No matter how small the scandal.

Working on our own vineyard is very important. In helping others we need to first save ourselves.

Strife to be happy, joyful, compassionate and caring as people will mirror what they see in us. Do they see Jesus? We have the best "boss" ever. Cast aside our interests, roll up your sleeves and work and you will know you are doing God's will by the reward of sheer happiness.

St Rose of Lima is our saint of the day. She was nicknamed by a nurse as "Rose" because she was as beautiful as a rose. Her confirmation name was Rose. She received her calling to work in the vineyard at a young age. She fasted, prayed and intentionally made herself "physically ugly" so that she could keep her promise of chastity. She lived at home and eventually became a third order of the Dominicans and lived publicly her vow of consecrated virginity. (1)

When hard financial times affected her family, she obediently went to work as a servant where she spent her days gardening, and the nights doing needlework. She spent the bulk of her time in the solitude of work and prayer. She died at the young age of 31. Many miracles followed her death. (1)

She was the first canonized saint born in the Americas. She is the patron saint of South America. (1)

(1). Daily Lessons from the Saints by Father Brice Higginbotham

God Bless You


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