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A Gospel according to Lk 13:18-21

Jesus said, “What is the Kingdom of God like? To what can I compare it? It is like a mustard seed that a man took and planted in the garden. When it was fully grown, it became a large bush and the birds of the sky dwelt in its branches.”

Again he said, “To what shall I compare the Kingdom of God? It is like yeast that a woman took and mixed in with three measures of wheat flour until the whole batch of dough was leavened.”


"To what shall I compare the Kingdom of God?"

Throughout the Gospel of Luke we read about what the Kingdom of God is like: a small seed that grows into a large bush; a little yeast that makes the batch of dough rise; a lamp that should not be hidden.

The Kingdom of God grows and we should not try to contain it. It is not for us alone, we must share it with others.

Sometimes it might be just saying good morning to someone, and/or acknowledging their presence with a smile. We can share encouraging words, let people know we are praying for them or share comments about last Sunday's homily, just as we do in Face ZBS, etc.

Let's pray to God to show us how we can share His Kingdom with others. Let's ask our Guardian Angels to help and guide us on how to achieve this, how to share the beautiful gifts that God has given us without cost: His Flesh and Blood in the Eucharist; His Words of Eternal Life in the Bible; our favorite devotions; our favorite saint stories; and of course, the gift we have in PAPA.

God bless y'all!


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