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"Fear no one."


It takes a lot of work to find peace. Many Desert Fathers and saints lived in the desert, caves, dens, and cloisters seeking that inner peace. With God as their companion they did not get involved in things that upset them or allowed their hearts to be disturbed.

Most of us live or work in units-family, church, religious communities, jobs or volunteer work. We can be made aware of our inadequacies, faults, and failures if we compare ourselves to others. Events or circumstances can place us with people of different points of view, different approaches to problem solving and "big time" personalities.

The Ten Commandments are our sentinel of morality. And within them we learn good from bad and how to live.

But what if someone invades our space and we are faced with disagreements, occasions of sin, envy or bitterness? What is one to do?

We are told by Jesus to "Fear no one." Don't be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul". ( Matthew 10:26-33)

David prayed, "Lord in your great love, answer me."

(Psalm 69)

On our own we can isolate ourselves from the world, live a joyless life of insecurity and jealousy. Or we can find refuge in Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. He beckons us to Him, knows our problems and wants us to seek Him in humility,

As long as we are willing to change, God will give you the grace and disposition to change. Find out from the great physician why you are scared, insecure, fearful and worried. It is the love of God through the Holy Spirit that gives us the peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. We have nothing to fear.

God bless you


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