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"Saul, my brother, the Lord has sent me...'


‘Saul, my brother, the Lord has sent me...'

Saul of Tarsus (later referred as Paul) was a devout Pharisee who followed the law. The newfound Christian faith was growing and Saul was unambiguously and unapologetically pursuing the Christians. Christians were caught, chained, imprisoned and some were mob stoned (St Stephen) with a nod from Saul. He was feared by the new converts.

In a vision, the Lord spoke with Ananias and in a similar vision He likewise let Saul know that Ananias was the one He chose to lay hands on him and help him regain his sight. Ananias spoke with God and let Him know his fears. He was reassured by the Lord and told that Saul was to be the chosen instrument to carry His name before Gentiles, kings and Israelites.

God deals with us in a similar way. After patiently longing and waiting for us, seeing that we do not correct our ways, He takes His pursuit of us to a different level. He entreats, urges and sometimes forces us to change. Such was the case of St Paul. God was not harsh with him nor condemning but did blind him.

Ananias was a loyal, faithful but fearful disciple. Yet when the Lord called him, his response at first was to cede his concerns about Paul. He did not refuse the Lord, but believed His words, trusted Him and did what the Lord told him to do. And Paul's sight was restored.

God deals with us in both instances. He sees His creation in us, our goodness and potential. He knows what He can do in us. When we feel His inspirations, His touch and His light, obey Him. He is drawing us to Him, to spread the good news of His Kingdom. He invites us to serve Him. Whether it is being a St Paul, an Ananias, a priest, a mother or father, caregiver, professional, maid, royalty or other, He will give us the love that perfects our work for Him.

Allow God to do great things through you.

God Bless You


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