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You have problems. You confront them every day. But how do you handle them?

For Catholics, we convert them into a Spiritual Bouquet and offer them up to our Blessed Mother Mary.

In the Month of May Catholics all over the world celebrate our Blessed Virgin Mother with the offering of flowers. In many Catholic countries, May is called the Flower Month. We gather flowers to make a crown for Mary as a token of our love offering to her.

The sacrifices we offer are the pain and suffering we encounter in our daily life. We gather them together to form a Spiritual Bouquet or a Crown and offer them up to our Blessed Mother.

One question raised is how to make a Spiritual Bouquet?

As long as we are alive in this world, we will confront problems, such as the loss of a loved one, the pain of sickness or the wound of being abandoned and loneliness. During these times of trial, we must learn how to handle ourselves.

We could use the following PAPA techniques to convert our sufferings into Spiritual Sacrifices.

Here is how. There are Five P’s to deal with our painful problems. They all boil down to one word: CONVERSION.

This is what we do. We take our PROBLEM and place it in the hands of God, and with divine PERMISSION we convert it into a PURPOSE and make it ours. Then we resolve it with the “Love” PREFERENCE of attaining PEACE.

Let’s take this 5 P’s of Problem-Solving Technique and convert them into a PAPA “Spiritual Digital Technology” literally.

When we say “literally,” we mean “practically,” and that will take some practice. Let’s do it.

Name your pain or suffering. Place it in the palm of your right hand and support it with your left. Give those hands to God and now they become His. Let the CONVERSION begin.

Assign each finger a task:

1) The PINKY: your PROBLEM. Say to your little “pinky”: “It’s small stuff.”

2) The THUMB: the divine PERMISSION. With your thumb up, tell yourself: “I do have a problem. It’s OK.”

3) The INDEX: a PURPOSE. Point your Index finger heaven-ward and tell yourself: “God has a PURPOSE.”

4) The RING FINGER: Your “Love” PREFERENCE. The ring is not a “suffer-RING” as many claim, but rather it is the Ring of Love PREFERENCE. Tell yourself: “I hear a RING of LOVE.”

5) Use two fingers—the INDEX and CENTER: PEACE. Love Preference always requires two parties or members. Use your Index and Center Fingers to form the Symbol of Victory. Then tell yourself: “PEACE!”

That’s how you convert your daily problems into peace and make a garland of spiritual flowers to offer our Blessed Mother Mary on this Month of May.

Now you do it.

PAPA Foundation
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