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St. Basil on the HOLY SPIRIT

A summary: St. Basil on the Holy Spirit 1. WHAT: - Who is He? (1) The Spirit of God (2) The Spirit of Truth (3) The Spirit of Holiness (4) The Sanctifier (5) The Owner of all - What is He? (1) The source of HOLINESS (2) The Good (3) The Almighty (4) The Power (5) The Spiritual Light - What is He like, i.e. His Nature? (1) Simple but manifold (2) Omnipresent, i.e. present to all (3) Immutable or unchanged (4) Inexhaustible (5) All pervasive (6) Exclusive (7) Delightful 2. SO WHAT? - What does He do? (1) Raise our hearts to heaven (2) Guide the weak (3) Perfect the striving (4) Enlighten the pure, i.e. the cleansed (5) Lead us to eternal happiness - What does He give? (1) Give foreknowledge of the future (2) Give Understanding the mystery of faith (3) Give Insight into the hidden meaning of Scripture, (4) Give special gifts (5) Give us Jesus -What does He make? (1) Make us citizens of heaven, (2) Make us spiritual by Communion with Himself. Spiritify! (3) Make us abide in God. (4) Make us like God (5) Make us become God. 3. NOW WHAT? (1) Pray to Him. (2) Humble before Him. (3) Honor Him. (4) Submit to Him. (5) Sing praise to Him

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