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Holy Spirit, Help Me to Forgive

Do you struggle with forgiving someone? How long has this struggle been going on? Months? Years? Decades?

This was my case: One day, while I was sitting before the Blessed Sacrament, Our Living God helped me to see that my heart was not pure; no better than the perpetrator. I simply had become inflated with ego and anger from past injuries.

Later one evening, I made a phone call with the intention of coming to a finalization in peace of a very turbulent relationship through my forgiving someone... so I thought.

But when the voice was heard on the line, I found myself asking for forgiveness for the way I had neglected and mistreated this person...through the decades.

In the book "Breath of God Living a Life Led by the Holy Spirit", the author, Fr. Dave Pivonka, states that: "The Holy Spirit convicts to convert, not to condemn." This is so true.

The Paraclete allowed me to speak from my woundedness and truthfulness.

Continuing the honesty, I still have some work to do. My heart still has patches of ego to "iron out," but with the help of the Holy Spirit, I will stay the course.

For we were chosen by the third Person of the Trinity through our baptism, then through our confirmation to allow Him to work in us...converting us...transforming us...and eventually reaching true freedom.

May, you, come to know the power of the Holy Spirit...sooner than later.

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