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Father Michael,

This morning at Mass I had the hardest time concentrating on the Mass.

My mind kept going thru a list of things I want to do today.

Any advice on how to avoid distractions during Mass?

God Bless You



HAPPY EASTER all y'all!

God bless y'all.

That is a good question.

Use your Critical Thinking skill to analyze your distraction.

(1) Decide: distraction is a problem. It is a problem to be solved.

(2) Seek info: ask

- what is the nature of your distraction?

- What are you distracting about?

- Is it social, spiritual, moral, political, physical, ecclesial or personal? In other words, is the nature of your distraction about friends and family, or sins and guilt, or race and power, or health and wellness, or priests and laity and liturgy, or a private matter?

(3) Interpret it:

- what do these problems or distractions mean to you?

- How do they affect your peace, or rather your heart and mind?

Final point:

- Invoke and evoke the Most Holy Name by employing the BJ PRAYER.

- Surrender all to the Lord in your exhale. And breath in only Jesus.

Most importantly, DO the BJ Prayer (Breath in Jesus, hold it...breath out Mercy)

Here's a new PAPA PRINCIPLE:

- The more you CeeTee, the more you set free your mind.

- The more you BeeJay, the more free you'll be.

CeeTee is CT which stands for Critical Thinking.

BeeJay, y'all know it already. Yes, it's Breathing Jesus.

Many PAPA Missionaries do not know what these are.

Nonetheless, I have been teaching our PAPA's Arts of CeeTee and BeeJay to the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa's sisters) and parishioners in several SoCal Parishes, they reported to me that when they practice them, they reap tremendous results.

One MC Nun told me that she was healed of her pain in the right shoulder which has tortured her for 10 years. Now it's gone. She taught the parents and children at her parish how to do our PAPA's BeeJay Prayer; they were so happy and even filmed it. They reap tremendous results as well. They asked why don't we teach it to everyone? It is so needed during this time of pandemic.

Another instance: when I gave my Lenten Mission at Holy Spirit Church in Orange Diocese, and I taught the people our BeeJay Prayer during our Eucharistic Adoration. It is the best way to truly worship and adore our Eucharistic Lord. At the end of the Adoration, many came to me, their eyes beamed with joy and told me that they feel free when they do the BeeJay.

There are more stories......

Pax Cor Christi

Christos Anesti!

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