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Reading 1

"Do not deal unfairly, then; but stand in fear of your God.

I, the LORD, am your God."


In the final reading from Exodus, The Tent of Meeting is set up and completed according to the specifications of God. The smallest detail is taken care of, all work done in reverence for awe and majesty of the Presence of the Lord.

How much God loved His people, patiently teaching them how to give Him honor and what He expects of them. We now read about the Jubilee Festival in Leviticus.

And this is the way we are to love the Lord: Not sloppily, half heartedly or without any respect, awe and deference to our Creator. We are to remember that the world and all that is in it is owned by the Lord, and not by man.

Are we aware of the Presence of Jesus, the Incarnate God in our Churches? The priests consecrate the host during Holy Mass. Jesus is present with us--Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

We might not see a Cloud but we know through faith that we are in the Presence of God. And we can visit, get closer anytime and be with Him as long as we want.

How fortunate we are to have Jesus with us at all times; helping us in our daily life and guiding us. Important to remember, He is God. And for God we show the utmost respect, dress appropriately, kneel in His presence, and follow the Commandments that He wants us to follow.

PAPA prays for our priests. We pray that they be holy men, doing all for God and remaining forever in His Presence, showing His people the right road to heaven.

Please visit our website, pray the Prayer for Priests

God Bless You


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