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A Gospel according to Jn 21:20-25

Peter turned and saw the disciple following whom Jesus loved, the one who had also reclined upon his chest during the supper and had said, “Master, who is the one who will betray you?” When Peter saw him, he said to Jesus, “Lord, what about him?” Jesus said to him, “What if I want him to remain until I come? What concern is it of yours? You follow me.” So the word spread among the brothers that that disciple would not die. But Jesus had not told him that he would not die, just “What if I want him to remain until I come? What concern is it of yours? It is this disciple who testifies to these things and has written them, and we know that his testimony is true. There are also many other things that Jesus did, but if these were to be described individually, I do not think the whole world would contain the books that would be written.


"What concern is it of yours?"

What is your view point on community or family? There are some people who have this assumption that their lives would be perfect if they didn't have to live with other people around. Take a minute to think about what it would be like to be in this life you are living without those people close to you. Your family, your Church community, or your friends. What is the purpose of these people in your life? These people are actually gifts or blessings to you and me from God. At least that is how I look at it.

Some times the people that are closest to us can cause emotional irritation by the words that they speak to us. Let me give an example. One day I was talking with my husband and I was venting. I felt that I needed someone to talk to about a problem I was having with a situation I became informed about. There was a teacher who had seniority at a school and decided to take advantage of this situation. After explaining the situation to my husband he looked at me and said, "Let it go."

Ouch! That hurt.

In the Gospel Reading today, Peter asked Jesus a question, and Jesus answered with, "What concern is it of yours? This comes up twice in this Gospel. It must be important. How do you think Peter felt when Jesus said this to him?

I think sometimes we need someone to be honest with us, and who better than our family or friends. The people that God has allowed us to be close to in our lives can help us get to heaven. It is easy to get hurt and let our feelings get bent out of shape, but there are times when we need to take a step back and examine what just happened.

Would you join me in saying the Prayer for priest? Here is the link!

Veni Sancte Spiritus!


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