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Go Make Disciples

‘“What is the most important thing in life?” was a question a wise old man asked a young boy. The young boy answered, “You are much older and wiser than me; what is it?” The old man said, “To bring as many souls to God as possible and your own first!”’ (Slattery, 2015) God bless everyone today and especially those reading this blog. I have joined many people in last 33 days to consecrate or to reconsecrate ourselves with our Deacon to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate heart of Mary in preparation of his ordination to the Priesthood. I must say that it has been a beautiful 33 days, but the revelation spoken so eloquently in St. Louis de Montfort’s prayer to Jesus is the most illuminating of all. “They will be true apostles of the latter times to whom the Lord of Hosts will give eloquence and strength to work wonders and carry off glorious spoils from the enemies… Wherever they preach, they will leave behind them nothing but the gold of love, which is the fulfilment of the whole law. (True Devotion, c56-59) Kindred souls, kindred spirits, and missionaries of PAPA this message is meant for us! As St. Pope John Paul II said, “Do not be afraid to proclaim the Gospel from the rooftops?” Read Our Principle in the PAPA Handbook on page 22 and remember our promises that we made in our Pledge (PAPA Handbook, p18). We are all called to be PAPA missionaries. What better way to fulfil this mission, than to pray for Priests who have the capability of bringing thousands of souls to Jesus.

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