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A Lenten Reflection: Forgiveness

By the mercy of God are we forgiven…

As I grumble about the present state of our church and the observe the anti-Christian views of the world pervading our habits, thoughts and speech, I hear Jesus say:“I am here”.

I have hope for he is here in the mist of confusion in those who don’t know how to be humble and struggle to find the peace of God.

He is here despite the worldly view of satisfying those around us first, instead of satisfying God first.

He is here in the Eucharist forgiving all who humble themselves and recognize the healing power of humility.

At mass, the omnipotent power of God is laid bare before us and his mercy is unlimited. He offers us all that he has and all that he is.

The beating hearts that are in pain and troubled can find solace in the compassion and love Jesus has for us.

He is here full of mercy, waiting to come into our hearts and lead us to his everlasting peace and joy.

Jesus promised he would never leave us.

His words echo in my mind: “I am here”.

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