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PAPA Daily Joyous Blessings!

Today is April 17, 2020. Christ is Risen, Alleluia!

The PAPA philosophy is to PRAY, SERVE and BLESS (PSB). We pray you will see the blessing you are as you go through your day to PRAY for others, SERVE others, and BLESS others.

Here are the Joyous Blessings for today.

From our Spiritual Director, Father Michael:

HAPPY EASTER all y'all: Here's your 100 BLESSINGS for this Great Friday of EASTER OCTAVE. Do you realize that each day of Easter Octave is considered as a Sunday? Our Easter Blessing is HALLELUYA! HALLELUYA TO THE LAMB OF GOD. Please sing and share JESUS IS RISEN to all. Christos Anesti! Pax Christi

Some of you may be wondering.... why did Father Michael spell Halleluya differently than that of how it is spelled in the music video? I was wondering too... and here is his answer: The word "Halleluya" can be broken down into Hallel-u-Ya. "Hallel" is Hebrew for "Praise"

"u" is "us"- you, me, and all of us.

"Ya" is for Yahweh.

We all praise Yahweh.


God bless you all!


PAPA Foundation
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