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Salve all y’all from only -3 degrees in Winnipeg, God bless y’all.

A good Virtue to practice this month of November is Truthfulness.

But, what is Truthfulness? How is it different from the Truth?

What did Jesus say about the Truth?

He said: Ego sum via et veritas et vita.

When you proclaim, “Jesus is the Truth,” what does it mean to have Truthfulness or to be Truthful?

If He is the Truth, then, to have Truthfulness means to have the “fullness of Jesus.”

To be Truthful means to be “full of Jesus.”

Think about this: the Truth wants to dwell in us. But, do you want to dwell in the Truth?

The Truth has no problem with us, but we in our fallen human nature are allergic to the Truth.

We despise the Truth when it comes to the Truth of our sinfulness. Yet only when we will to dwell in the Truth and with the Truth, then He will set us free.

Pax Christi

If you'd like to learn more about this teaching, check this video of a homily on this subject:

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