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Power of the Eucharist

Convert all our crosses today into a sacrifice and offer them up for the consecration of priests and conversion of hearts to reverence the Holy Eucharist.

The time is now.

The most important work must be done for Catholics is to promote reverence for the Most Holy Eucharist.

First:  Consecrate yourself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Second: Participate in Adoration.

The pastor wanted to celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi and proudly process Our Eucharistic Lord around the neighborhood.  Blessing all businesses and homes along the way around the Church.  The reaction was cold, only because no one had heard about such a display except for an elderly deacon.

Then the same pastor wanted to have a Perpetual Adoration Chapel at the Church.  The reaction to many was "no."  What prompted such an apathetic reaction?  The reason was that there was a Church 15 miles away that had a Perpetual Adoration Chapel.  Then the Eucharistic war began.

When the Eucharist Adoration on one day a week began,  the reaction was that the priest was creating a "cult!"

Not a surprise at all.

It must happen that way for God has ordained it so.

The pastor expected and welcomed the reaction.   He simply responded, "Indeed, it is a cult; but not the cult of a pastor.  It is the Eucharistic Cult,"

Now as PAPA Members we use our mind to think.

We think through problems.

Do not make assumptions.

We despise speculations.

Speculations lead to passing judgement and condemnation.

Think carefully about the above-mentioned statement.

What we do as PAPA missionaries is PRAY.

According to our PAPA Handbook, how do you recognize a Kindred Soul?

Please, read and reflect on the Handbook daily.

On page 20, you can be find Our Method, no. 2.

Once again, the answer is simple. Catholics need to love, reverence and adore the Holy Eucharist.

Now compare the love for the EUCHARISTIC LORD to the love “sharing and eating and serving,” which one takes precedent?

Though we are few, we are strong. Our strength is not of our own, but of the Lord.

As individuals we are weak, but together in prayer we are strong. Unity with Jesus Eucharistic means power.

Only PRAY.

PRAY unceasingly.

PRAY in unity.

PRAY for all Catholics to repent and convert.

PAPA members pray for those who are ignorant to the Eucharistic love to have a personal encounter with Christ.

PRAY is all we do.

According to our holy Patron, St. John Baptist Mary Vianney, “God does nothing, but answer our prayer.”


PAPA Foundation
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