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Lent Notes

We are called to be humble and unassuming servants who contradicts the self serving hypocrites, proud and self serving hypocrites.

Love and mercy are the expressions of our Christian faith, when We deny people mercy, we reject Jesus himself, when we show mercy, we show the world Jesus.

We are called to heal wounded hearts with our compassion.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy.

Remember the good Samaritan "whatever you do the least of my brother, you do to me"

God wants an affectionate heart heart more than any penance we might impose on ourselves.

If Jesus lives in you, you have affection.

You don't love God with your mind. The mind gives you facts, it cannot feel.

It's the heart that feels, that is why Jesus lives in and works through our hearts.

If we don't give him our hearts, we give Him nothing!

The heart is excited by connection through hearing, touching, speaking and feeling.

You cannot give your love to anybody. You can only express it.

Only God can give love because He is love love.

People learn compassion through our example.

God gives us the Entire Jesus so we can become like Him and have all his attributes.

To be Christian is to be Christlike.

The spirit of Jesus is poured forth upon us.

We become Christ!

Excerpts taken from a Lenten Mission by Fr. Joe Butz, C.Ss.R, on Tuesday, February 27th, 2018.

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