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A True Life Story

I was still living with my parents in Nigeria. Power supply was poor and there was lack of personal a car.

In order to get church (morning Mass) that starts at 6:30 AM, you have to wake up early, prepare and walk to church. The distance from my house to church is about 5 miles.

One morning, I woke up and there was no light. I really wanted to go to mass, so I started preparing for mass and hoped the electricity will come back, since we usually have “epileptic” power supply. But to my disappointment it did not, and it was still dark outside. Our neighbor, a family living opposite our house put their generator on and their light was reflecting on across the street. So I can see from our house when someone was passing.

When I finished preparing, I stood in my room looking outside through my window saying to myself, “Oh if I could see someone going to mass, I will follow that person”, because I was afraid to walk in the dark alone.

I saw my younger sister's friend passing by, their house is 3 houses away from my house, I called her by her name and she answered me, I asked her if she was going to Mass. And she said,” yes,” I begged her to wait for me so that we can go together. And she said, “Ok.”

As we are going, we were discussing, she was telling me that each time there was no light that people don't come to Mass, or they come late. When we reach the Sacred Heart Catholic Church (that’s the name of the church) there was light, you can see everything well. I told her that I am going to sit in the middle and she told me that she likes sitting in a front chair.

When mass was over, I was among the first group that came out to go home.

As I approached my house, I saw the girl that I went to church with that early morning coming out from their house; she was in her night gown. so I waited for her because she was coming towards our house. When she came closer, I saw that her face looked like someone who just woke up from sleep.

So I asked her when did you come back from church, she replied that she did not go to Mass that morning because she was afraid of the dark.

I told her "No, I went to Mass with you this morning!” She said, “Oh, no, it wasn't me.”

When I tell her that she told me that she likes sitting in front chair, she collaborated my story by saying that she usually sits in the front pew whenever she comes to morning Mass, but that she didn't go church that fateful day.

This left me confounded and confused as to what really happened, because I was sure and convinced that we went to church together that day.

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