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First reading, taken from Acts 4:32-37,: “The community of believers was of one heart and mind and no one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they had everything in common.” The message that appears to flow through this reading is “those who have should share with those who have not.” However, I would like to suggest that the writer of Acts is not merely speaking about material things or wealth. We have all been blessed with many gifts which, just as money, have been given to us by God and are for us to share. In today’s world, it would be very difficult to have a thriving community, unless all the members contribute with whichever gift or gifts they may have. And the Lord is asking us to give, not only from the “surplus” but from the “need” as well. Let us take some time and ask ourselves, honestly, am I giving all I can?, all I should?, all I could? Sometimes we think we do not have any talents, out of “false humility”, which gives us an easy way out. Think again, we do have many talents and we had nothing to do with them; they are all gifts from God. Perhaps we need to be a bit more active at inviting other members of our community, to explore their own gifts and to participate in the giving. We all have something to offer towards the wellbeing of other members in our community. THINK ABOUT IT! The Gospel reading is from John 3:7-15. Have you ever been asked by one of our Christian brother or sister, “have you been born again?” And what is your answer? Of course we, Christian Catholics have been born again, not by walking down the isle of the Church and proclaiming we have been reborn. By the waters of Baptism, we were cleansed totally and completely. This Sacrament brought us into the community as members of the mystical Body of Christ. As time goes by and we grow in our faith, we must be willing to, periodically, affirm our deep beliefs. This is another way we are born again, after our Baptism. It is our responsibility to take time for these affirmations, throughout our lives and to invite others to do the same. Sometimes by a suggestion; others, by an invitation, or merely by example. Let us now go into the world and be “living examples” of Christian Catholics who have been “Born again in the Spirit.” Perhaps we need to consider making a daily or weekly examination of how well we are living up to this teaching of our Lord. And…then make necessary changes as seen needed.

PAPA Foundation
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