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Feast of the Holy Trinity: Request to Pray for Priests

FATHER MICHAEL: Salve all y’all,

Today is the Feast of the Holy Trinity and I have three requests to all PAPA members:


- in particular for Archbishop Philip Wilson of whom I know personally. He is the Archbishop of Adelaide, South Australia.

He “may” be imprisoned for two years for false charges.


- for Ireland and the whole world to repent of the sin of abortion.

We repent; not just for others, but we repent for ourselves and the whole world.

In the world right now, there are 195 countries or sovereign states, but only 6 of them strictly ban abortion.

Imagine that. Out of 195 countries, 189 countries allow access to abortion as human rights or duty, only 6, do not.

And here are the only 6 remaining countries that ban abortion:

1) El Salvador,

2) Malta,

3) the Vatican (But of course!)

4) Chile,

5) the Dominican Republic, and

6) Nicaragua

The reality is that our way of living as Eucharistic Christians is not good enough a witness to the power of the Eucharistic Love of Jesus.

We must learn not to argue, but live the Eucharistic Love of Christ and give witness to that love with our life.

Let us repent and pray together.

(3) Say a ROSARY:

- for all priests to be filled with the Divine Spirit of Holiness and Holy Zeal for the Kingdom of Christ.

- In particular, that all priests have absolute love for the Eucharistic Jesus and our Eucharistic Mother Mary, and that they think and speak of nothing, but the Eucharistic Jesus.

God bless all y’all.

Pax Christi

PAPA Foundation
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