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Corpus Christi 2018

Seated in the first pew were two Sisters of Charity in attendance for the first celebration of the Marian Feast of Mary, Mother of the Church, a few Mondays ago. I was not only thrilled to participate in the very traditional English and Latin Mass, but the Dominicans were also hearing Confessions and reciting the Rosary before the feast with the community.

Friday of that same week, while entering the Church for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, a homeless man asked if I had a few dollars. In my mind, I was thinking that I would catch him after the Mass and continued to Adoration. In the presence of Our Lord, I asked for some special intentions, and with clarity, He responded, "Feed Me. I also thirst." Immediately, I got up and went outside.

Upon exiting, the groundskeeper was asking the same man to leave. I mentioned that I would be caring for him. (Not to gloat, mind you, but rather it was my duty.) This individual told me that, "anyone could go to Mass, but we cannot feed the homeless." Needless to say, "my brother" eventually was taken care of.

As I received Communion, I begged Our Lord to please forgive us, for we truly do not understand that He is present here among us in the Holy Mass everyday. He is truly within us: mind, body, soul and Divinity as we receive Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament and when we receive Him in community. For "my brother" was in the last pew for the Mass. Though he has no place to physically rest his head, he trusts The Son enough to rest within His Sacred Heart. Though he has no reliable source of food and drink, this humble soul understands the power of His Most Precious Blood and Body.

May our community be mindful and heartfelt that Our Lord is present... beside His Blessed Mother. Our Lord is not only among the most humble, He resides within those whom the Sisters of Charity care for so selflessly.

May we all be generous and remember Corpus Christi...everywhere.

PAPA Foundation
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