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News Flash: Pope Appoints Bishop Wilton Gregory as Archbishop of Washington D.C.

Yesterday, April 4 2019, Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Wilton D. Gregory from Atlanta as the new Archbishop of Washington D.C., succeeding Cardinal Wuerl.

The press release can be found by clicking HERE.

This is a historical event in many levels:

  • First, yesterday marked the 51st anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's assassination. Pope Francis has been a long admirer of his life and works.

  • Second, if Archbishop Gregory is named a Cardinal, he will be the first African-American to enter the College of Cardinals.

He is a moderate pastor, and during his 14 years as Bishop of Atlanta, the Catholic community has grown six times over from 1990 to 1.2 million members. This is his Facebook message for yesterday morning:

The Diocese of Washington D.C. comprises of 800,000 members, many of them of African descent. They also include many parishes of Maryland.

Let's give Archbishop Gregory a PAPA welcome to his new Diocese.

Send him a congratulatory card and your prayers of support to:

Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory

PO Box 29260

Washington DC 20017-0260

He can also be reached at:

PAPA Foundation
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