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Celebrating Anniversaries of Ordination to the Priesthood

Newly Ordained -Father Martin Cat Nguyen,CSsR and Father Mark Lam Tran,CSsR

47 Years Ordained-Father Albert G. Glade,0P

"The priesthood is the love of the heart of Jesus. When you see a priest, think of our Lord Jesus Christ."

~ St. John Vianney

PAPA would like to acknowledge the Priests newly ordained and the seasoned priests celebrating their Ordination Anniversaries during the month of May.

Father Sylvester Chasweka May 3, 2014

Father Kevin F. Novack May 16, xxxx

Father Ed Wade May 16, 1972 47 Years

Father Martin Cat Nguyen May 18, 2019

Father Mark Lam Tran May 18, 2019

Father Albert G. Glade, O.P. May 20, 1972 47 Years

Thank you all for answering your call to become a Priest and for your commitment to serve God's people. PAPA wishes that God will bless each one of you abundantly and keep you close to His Sacred Heart. Congratulations!

PAPA members are praying for you especially during this special time.

PAPA Foundation
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