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31 Days Devotion to St. Joseph


O great St. Joseph, since God has served you, I also wish to enroll myself in your service. I wish from now on to serve you, to honor and love you. Take me under your protection and dispose of me as you please.

My holy St. Joseph, pray to Jesus for me. Having obeyed all your commands on earth, He will certainly never refuse anything you ask of Him. Tell Him to pardon me the offences that I have committed against Him. Tell Him to detach me from creatures and from myself. Ask Him to inflame me with His holy love.

Let us then frequently say:

St. Joseph, watch over us, your children.


Most holy patriarch, St. Joseph, I rejoice at the great dignity to which you have been raised in being made foster father of the Son of God, endowed with authority to command Him Whom heaven and earth obey.

My holy patron, since Jesus Himself respected and served you as His father, I, too, wish to enroll myself in your service. I choose you, after Mary, for my principal advocate and protector. I promise to honor you every day with some special devotion, and each day I will place myself under your protection.

As you enjoyed the sweet company of Jesus and Mary during your life on earth, grant that I may ever live close to them and never be separated from God by losing His grace. And as you were assisted by Jesus and Mary at the hour of your death, so grant me protection at the hour of my death, that, dying in your presence and that of Jesus and Mary, I may one day go to thank you in paradise, and in your company praise and love God for all eternity. Amen.

St. Joseph, patron of the universal Church, protect us.

Protect our Holy Father, the Pope, and our Mother, Holy Church.


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