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Recently my sister-in-law, Anita, shared that a close examination of Our Lord's genealogy will show that even his lineage, like the rest of the human race, has traces of dysfunctional family origins. We don't get to decide how God brings us into this world; only He can bring good out of all circumstances.

The good news is God's love and mercy for every human being. Here Saint Augustine gives us a profound insight how God overlooks our family origin by giving each of us a chance to be 'born again'.

"He did not treat us as our sins deserved. For we are now sons of God. How do we show this? The only Son of God died for us, so that He might not remain alone. He who died as the only Son, did not want to remain as the only Son. For the only Son of God made many sons of God. He bought brothers for Himself by His blood, He made them welcome by being rejected, He ransomed them by being sold, He honoured them by being dishonoured, He gave them life by being put to death." Saint Augustie of Hippo


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