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News Flash! PAPA Prays this week of September 20th for the Following Intentions...

Let us pray for the following intentions this week:

Please pray for Health:

  • Nellyna Christensen, member

  • Philip Okeke, member

  • Barbara Graham, daughter of Elizabeth, she is very weak and may be near death according to the nurse taking care of her.

  • Grace Jones, member

  • Catherine Bach, member and Betty Leffler's mom, pray the doctor can help her control her heart condition.

  • Sharon's cancer treatment and the doctors who are treating her.

Please pray for Family:

  • Please pray for the conversion of adult children and siblings

  • Thanksgiving for my son's safe return home

  • Pray for Diana and Anthony trying to have a baby.

Clergy and Religious:

  • Pray for all priests to be filled with the Holy Spirit

  • Pray for Pope Francis

  • Pray for all Cardinals to be holy and defend Jesus’ Catholic Church.

  • Pray for the Bishops to speak out and to defend the true teachings of the Catholic Church.

  • Pray for priests discerning their vocation and to be holy.

  • Pray for Father Michael, our spiritual director

Virtues, Graces and Gifts

  • Pray for Repentance

  • Pray for Humility

  • Pray for Love of others

  • Pray for Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Pray for an end to Abortion

Pray for an end to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Pray for an end of the protests and the Western USA wildfires

Pray for all first responders

  • All firefighters who put their lives in danger or who have lost their lives protecting others.

  • All policemen and law enforcement for protecting citizens and putting their lives in danger for others

Peace in the World

PAPA Family: Pray one Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Mass, One hour of Adoration, Rosary or any other prayers and sacrifices for the above petitions.

God Bless You

PAPA Directors


PAPA Foundation
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