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PAPA "Hail Mary" Campaign Challenge!



Here is a message from our Spiritual Director, Father Michael:

SHALOM ALEICHEM: God bless all y'all. This is a RENEWAL of our 1,000,000 HAIL-MARY Campaign. It was Our Lady of Fatima who called all of humankind (1) to repent, (2) to consecrate our life to her Immaculate Heart and (3) to pray the Rosary every day for atonement for our sins and that of the whole world. Now it is time for us to join force with Saint Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Francis to consecrate our own country, the United States of America, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. God uprooted the godless Communism in Russia and replaced with Christianity because Saint Pope John Paul II consecrated it on March 25, 1984 - the Feast of the Annunciation - three years after his attempted assassination. The Annunciation was the day the Eternal Word incarnated and became the Unborn Lord Jesus. It is the reality that in one or two more elections, our God-fearing nation could be turned into an atheistic Communist country? Well, it is NOW! It is NOT a figment of your imagination, but a present reality. Your children and grandchildren are indoctrinated with the Baby-killing and immoral mentality and belief in public and Catholic schools and universities. The majority of young American adults are Godless and have adopted "Atheistic Socialism" as the way of life and thought. Thus it is of utmost importance that we must join our hearts and prayers together to pray and atone for our sins and our country. Once more, I challenge each of you today (1) To say at least 10 Hail Mary's each day. (2) Ask a friend, a family member, a colleague at work, even the beloved soul in Purgatory or your favorite Patron Saint in Heaven to say 10 HAIL MARY's each day. (3) Remember to ask that individual to do the same in their circles of family and friends. (4) Convince them of the importance of Repentance, Consecration and Atonement for the sins of our country and that of humanity. (5) Be assured that everyone of us IS an APOSTLE of PRAYER, a PRAYER WARRIOR of the Evangelizing HAIL MARY. Let us do it now. God loves y'all and so do I. Pax Christi


PAPA Foundation
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