PRAYER is nothing else than union with God. In this intimate union God and the soul are like two pieces of wax melted together; they cannot be separated. God has permitted us to speak to Him. Our prayer is an incense which He receives with extreme pleasure. Prayer is a foretaste of Heaven. (St John Vianney)

So with faith, hope, desire and love please pray for our PAPA petitions. Pray continuously BJ prayer--day and night.

  • Please let us know if you no longer need prayers. Please add any prayer petitions throughout the week at our website under prayer intentions. If a prayer request has been removed and the prayers are still needed, please let us know. Prayer Petitions can be found under News at Please join in praying for the following intentions:

Please pray for Health:

  • Nellyna Christensen, PAPA member

  • Philip Okeke, PAPA member

  • For Tere, PAPA member, who is undergoing chemotherapy.

  • Olivia Bannan, PAPA member, Covid

  • Frances Rosprim, member, Covid

  • Marilda Hugo, PAPA member, Covid

  • Cindy Junek, friend of PAPA, multiple myeloma and Covid

  • Father Michael, Covid pneumonia

  • Father Tokha Thomas Hoang, PAPA Priest, Covid

  • Sandra Del Bufalo, PAPA member, weight loss and abdominal pain.

  • Lorena Rodela and her family, Covid

  • For Teresa Kocian's husband, Eldon, and her daughters, Laura and Debra and their families, with Covid

  • George Nwanguma, husband of Grace Nwanguma, member, brain tumor and prostate issues.

In Thanksgiving:

  • Let us take time in this busy month, to thank God for His merciful kindness.

  • For those recovering from Covid.

Pray for the United States

Pray for the end of Abortion

Pray for all first responders

PAPA Family, here are some suggested prayers and offerings to pray for above intentions: One Our Father; Hail Mary; Glory Be; Offer a Mass ; One hour of Adoration ; Rosary; BJ Prayer, or any other prayers and sacrifices God Bless You

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