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Question/ Answer Time with Father Michael

PAPA Member Question:

Salve, Father Michael:

I have observations and questions:

The burning of churches in Canada (and we got an attempt last night in Ashville, NC) amazes me. That area is full of preppers,but that is not their usual MO.

At about the same time, there is the discovery of mass graves in the Catholic schools for Native peoples.

If we were to look at the approximate dates when many of those burials took place, it might take us to the Spanish Influenza dates (1918-1920s). That type of H1N1 virus was extremely lethal for the Native Americans. At the same time, didn't the Canadian government have a campaign to eradicate them? Isn't that known as the Canadian Holocaust? from 1857-1980s?

I have some distant relatives that were taken to the "assimilation" schools in the late 60's and they were messed up after that.

Now, could it have been that the residential schools were ravaged by the Spanish Flu and that might be one of the reasons of the mass graves. I say one but not the only one.

God Bless You:)


Father Michael Answers:

Shalom, Maria:

God bless you


(1) No one knows exactly what happened.

(2) Many already drew the conclusion that the Catholic Church is to blame. Why? The Church is evil. How? The Church buried the dead native children. Therefore, the Church is evil.


(4) Consequence: no consequence. No arsonists or fire starters got incarcerated or prosecuted.

(5) Consequence: BURNING CATHOLIC CHURCHES is now the NORM. Why? The Church is evil.

(6) Consequence: Lynching Catholic Churches, that is, to BURN IT DOWN is SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE now. What's next? BURNING CATHOLICS.

(7) Implication:

(a) It is OK to lynch Catholics and burn Catholic Churches due to a speculative unfounded assumption that the Church is evil for burying the dead Native Children.

(b) The Catholics and the Catholic Church are GUILTY of every assumption or speculation of doing evil WITHOUT EVIDENCE.

(c) It is socially acceptable and normal to destroy or burn down Catholic Churches without consequences; nonetheless, it is ILLEGAL for Catholics to go to Church on Sunday for it is breaking the Covid laws imposed by the Canadian government. Any Catholic who goes to Church on Sunday will be arrested and many are.

The point:

- Stop speculation;

- See the reality;

- Think critically;

- Prepare yourself for martyrdom - that is, to give witness to Christ by your own life.

- Prepare yourself and your children by educating them about our beautiful faith.

Pax Christi


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