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"convinced of their own righteousness

and despised everyone else."

Optical illusions can be traced back to the 5th century BC. You think you see one thing, but if you look closely you will see something else. One moment you see one face, and then another moment you see another. In the spiritual world, it can be a dreaded evil for our soul. Sometimes we are convinced of our own righteousness and fail to see the duplicity of our lives.

In keeping our intentions pure, we keep our thoughts, words and deeds focused on solely pleasing God--not ourselves. Our goal is to please Him because we love Him.

When we brag about ourselves, want all to see us, see the faults of those around us, act and feel superior to others or deliberately are unkind, we allow our spiritual growth to be stunted and, in fact, put our souls in great danger. We don't see ourselves as sinners, we don't see our faults.

In putting God ever before us, and doing as God told Abram, "Walk before me, and be perfect" we are conscious of Him and are always aware who He is. In the Psalms we pray not only for ourselves but for others, aware that all is God's and all is for Him. We see the simplicity of prayer and the assurance when faced with enemies, temptations and betrayals that God in His mercy is with us. Stay focused, see not the illusion of who we think we are or who we want people to see us, but always, like a servant, keeping an eye on God and doing all to serve Him.

The Pharisee praised himself, the tax collector had no illusion of who he was--a sinful man whose mind and heart looked to God. God never tires of inviting us to this mysterious encounter with Him.

May we this Lent increase our prayer life, study the Word of God in scripture, fast, pray and give alms. May we grow in simplicity of life, casting off all and attaching ourselves to none but our Creator.

FACE ZBS helps us understand, know and gives us a unique consolation of the glory of God. Please visit our site, come and join us.

God Bless You.


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